Be extra careful at Automated Teller Machines!

2 09 2015
2 September 2015
Legaspi Village, Makati
I obviously like adventures, but not like this one…
There was a robber at the ATM between Salcedo and Rufino Streets around 20:45 today
As I was waiting for my ATM transaction, I suspiciously identified the man behind me as a potential robber. I wanted to leave but my ATM card was still inside the machine.
The man in his late 40s who was wearing rubber shoes, shorts and shirts looking like he just did some jogging around the park was waiting for me to complete my transaction.
I concluded that the man was a robber when he requested for money from me. He declared that he does not have money for transportation to go home. I communicated back and told him that I do not have money either. No cash from my ATM account.
Another man passed by but did not detect that I already needed help or possibly did not bother. I decided to continue communicating with the robber and gave him the pineapple juice I intended to give my friend. The robber responded that he is a good person then he walked away.
After I have composed myself, I thanked JC (Jesus Christ) and went inside the State Condominium building where the 2 guards were sitting. I reported to them that I was almost robbed at the ATM without them knowing it. They both confirmed that indeed there are no BPI ATM guards posted outside their building. I told them that I was lucky that the machine was offline and no cash was dispensed.
As I was leaving the area, I thought I was safe within Legazpi Village in Makati. I was wrong. I found myself lingering how safe I was 30 minutes BEFORE the incident. I was confidently eating my orange and sipping my pineapple juice as I sat on the pavement of Legazpi Park between Rada and Legazpi Streets while waiting for my gym buddy.
At the gym, it took me 10 minutes on the treadmill before I was able to talk with my gym buddy
I realized that I was still lucky for nothing violent happened and the robber was not successful. Was he just thirsty? h

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