Running on Guam!

2 04 2011
Saturday, 2 April 2011
San Vitores Road, Guam

It was time for me to hit the road. I got my New Balance and started running. My goal was to reach the block after The Westin Resort Guam at low intensity so that I could take a snap of Guam’s sundown.

After I have passed through the famous shopping areas on the island like Tumon Sands Plaza where Louis Vuitton is, Guam DFS (Duty Free Shop) where Planet Hollywood is, I felt that my heart needed to cool down for awhile. Good thing that I was already at my “goal” area. While brisk walking on the grass parking, I took out my Black Berry and started to take the photo.  

I descended back to Fiesta Resort Guam after finishing my 1.6 km 20-minute running and took another 10 minutes for brisk walking at the beach front of Tumon bay. To improve my recovery rate and reduce muscle pains, I did some stretching. I also did some meditation to prepare me for another goal >> stairs climbing from ground to eight floor instead of taking the lift! h


Running in the Philippines:hitting the iron while it is hot!

13 12 2010
Saturday, 20 November 2010
Taguig City, Philippines

Running in the country is now a fad. Every weekend, one will see mushrooming runners in Taguig. Unfortunately, the running fee is also increasing in number. Gone are the days that it will only take 6 USD (300php) or even less to run either for a cause or for fitness purposes.

For instance, 3K now is 4 USD (200php). Both 5K and10K are 6 USD (300php). 21K is 15 USD (750php). 32K is steaming hot in 18 USD (900php).

Sides of the coin

What goes with the price then? A runner now could experience automated registration on selected outlets. Then will have singlet, running chips/D-tags, bib number, race analysis, downloadable photos, finisher’s medal (for selected race categories) and loot bags while giving a portion of registration to a certain project for a cause. Amazingly, there are fringe benefits too! Runners will see security and medical teams within the area, water stations and free banana (for 21K up).

The other side of the coin is the fact that not all will be accommodated by the increasing fee registration. These are the people who would like to have fun but are being challenged by the registration costs.h

I Run for a Cause

13 12 2010

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RunRio Trilogy 2010
Saturday, 20 November 2010
Taguig City, Philippines

I started my 2010 with adrenalin rush into running. Thanks to my running mate Almond who gave me a bright idea to join the RunRio Trilogy – my 3 races for the year. Although I know that I do not have the physique to excel in running, I set my goal to start off with 10K for RunRios 1 and 2 and told him that I will do 21K on the final leg.

RunRio1: Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 (Sunday, 21 February)

Like the usual, I was nervous at first. This was my 3rd 10K of my life. I did a satisfactory record at

1:11:55. I was the 218th amongst the 655 10K runners amongst my specie. I was pleased for I have contributed to running for healthy lifestyle, UNICEF and WWF.

RunRio2: Nature Valley Run (Sunday, 30 May)

I was about to give up the last minute. And Almond motivated me. He did not sleep the night before the run. He was still reviewing for his afternoon class when I slept. After two hours of sleeping, I got up from bed and did the run. I finished with 1:27:24 history record. I became the 1993rd runner of the total 2358 runners. Although I felt that my time should have been better, I contributed ONE tree on this run. As the motto for this leg, “One Runner, One Tree”..

RunRio3: Unilab Run United 2 (Saturday, 20 November)

Even outside school, I still use my “cramming” skills. I prepared one week before the event in order to reach my goal – to finish the 21k without injury. So I did a modular program in 3 days for my physical preparation. Day 1: I started Saturday morning with 3k run in 10 min. Then on the same afternoon, I did 5k run within 20 min. I went 5km biking around the area where I live. Then I went back to my manual treadmill and did 10k within 50min. Day 2: The following day, I did another run.  Day 3 was a Tuesday and I have considered it as my last training day. It was 4 days before the run. To motivate myself more, I gave myself a spa treatment. I had a foot and body massage! For my mental preparation, my brother and I circled the 21k map Friday night. But mind you, we were not on foot.

On the event day, I finished a gruelling 3:19:27 gun time record with a painful muscle cramp. I was the 1068th runner out of the 1100. Although I was in pain, I felt good because I finished the 11k ascending Buendia bridge with stamina. I suddenly lost my pacing after I have stopped and went to the loo. My muscles contracted and I felt the muscle pain. From then on, I did run and brisk walking in order to contribute to the Gawad Kalusugan and Hero foundation.

Overall scorecard

While passing through the finish line of the last leg, I felt proud for completing the RunRio trilogy in one piece. I became a part of the projects for a cause and had fun in the process. I may say that the RunRio was my running adventure for the year..h

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