It’s Not Too Late! You could still do Two Things in Singapore

17 12 2011
Wednesday, 14 December 2011

When you only have the night-time to spare on your crazy schedule while in Singapore, try to watch a concert and go clubbing! In other words, go C2!

Search and see the concerts that you could enjoy. Then google for hot party places in town. Better yet, ask some local experts for a more Royal Treatment!


I watched “Richard Marx Stories to Tell Solo and Acoustic” gig at Singapore Indoor Stadium. SG has chosen the perfect seat to see a very good vantage point of Richard Marx. However, my Black Berry was not ready for the right snap!

Amongst the playlist, my fave this time was “Hold on to the Night!”. Since it was an acoustic concert, I expected myself sleeping like a baby specially when Richard Marx played “Silent Night”.

Setlist: Endless Summer Nights; Take This Heart ;Keep Coming Back; To Where You Are (written for Josh Groban) ;Until I Find You Again; Hazard ; When You Loved Me; Hold Onto the Night; Now and Forever; Save Me; Angelia; Silent Night; Should have Known Better; This I promise you (written for N’Sync); Best of Me (written – sung by ONJ and David Foster); Encore: Right Here Waiting


I thought 1-Altitude was already washed out when we had the very strong afternoon rain. Patience was indeed the best ingredient. After 4 hours of waiting, I was already enjoying the stunning
360-degree view of the city from the 282 m above sea level rooftop of One Raffles Place while having dinner.


Then off we went to Ku De Ta Bar at Sands SkyPark for another snap of the city.

So hurry and decide what suits you best! h


The Burlesque Adventure

17 12 2011
Friday, 9 December 2011
Manila, Philippines

Aussieboy and I attended a company end of the year party. Three performers approached him and he was mesmerized by their beauties. He ended up on stage with them. Every guy in the area envied him. But nobody knew that the 3 were the same specie as Aussieboy! h

Who got a Turkey this Thanksgiving?

28 11 2011
Thursday, 24 November 2011
Guam, USA

Mr Grill hosted our Thanksgiving. Instead of the usual staple turkey, his culinary dinner was a bountiful deer feast.  While his other friends had some platter to share, I brought home some memories to care. As he said, “what more could I ask for, food and friends!”  h

I am just a Man!

11 10 2011
Monday, 10 October 2011
Smart Araneta Coliseum, Philippines

To fill the space of emptiness, I started the week with nostalgic mode.

Monay suggested the “Human League, Howard Jones and Belinda Carlisle Live In Manila” concert since last month. His drum beat sms even started at 8am today. We were both excited going through the jam for the 8pm gig.

Pop Rock Go-Gos Belinda Carlisle’s Lips are Sealed 

Monay and I reached the concert area 1 hour before the show. We were still talking then Belinda suddenly appeared from the dark back stage.  I may say, she was super solo. She was the only one who did the front act! What a brave woman! She didn’t have any backup singers nor band. But I salute her for stirring the crowd. Some of her playlist: Heaven is a Place on Earth, I Get Weak, Vacation, Our Lips are Sealed. I could not remember her singing my fave Mad About You.

What is Love for Howard Jones?

After 30 minutes with Belinda, HJ was beating up the momentum! He was awesome! With two band members and a very impressive synth pop background. I thought at first I was watching Thompson Twins. But when I heard him chanting “Whoa whoa whoa whoa oh oh” and the crowd starting singing with him, I knew Things Can Only Get Better. Monay and I bended our brains, when HJ did the New Song, for us. Other playlist:  Like to Get to Know You Well, What is Love? No One is to Blame

Electrified by Human League

The last act was electrifying! Don’t you Want Me, Never Let Me Go, Human, Fascination, Mirror Man, Night People, Lebanon, Together in Electric Dreams ended with lots of brilliant dancing and singing Monday. h

Long, Hot Night!

24 09 2011
2010 F1 Singapore Grand Prix 24, 25, 26
Sunday, 26 September 2010

When I was asked about my F1 weekend get-away, I simply said: “Long, Hot Night!”

Something Long

Tracks were long at 5km (3 miles) circuiting the Marina Bay street. As an adrenalin enthusiast, I had longer Walkabout. I had the chance to have the premier from zones 1, 2, 3 and 4! Yes, thanks to my local network who gave me special pass!

My F1 schedule was endless. I started the Friday with a dinner at GluttonsBay, clubbin at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center with Avalon At Large, the biggest party as part of the Grand Prix season and a peek at the Casino. Then my Saturday: sumptuous lunch at Latitude then slowed down by sitting beside a pool nearby just watched the people enjoying the sun; then had a wonderful experience watching the Voyage de la Vie at Resorts World Sentosa right near the stage; then had a gay night with American Idol Adam Lambert and watched his GlamNation tour. The Sunday was a blast too! Heard mass in the morning, then had dinner at ONE Fullerton Overeasy, paparazzi photo of Virgins CEO Richard Branson, Lucas di Grassi and a teasing pork satay at Gridbar 8 Padang while watching the ballooning Mariah Carey!

Something Hot

Hot vehicles and hot Singapore! It was very humid and as usual, I had my “abanico” who was sparingly borrowed by other European enthusiast-alike when they saw me fanning myself. As I was crossing the foot path while I was melting myself in heat, I handed over my fan without even looking and aloudly reminded them that I was already reaching the end of the stairs!

The steamy part of my F1 experience was the fact that I got the chance to go to the pit area of the circuit located beside the Singapore Flyer! The tracks by the way were around the Padang, City Hall, Anderson Bridge, Fullerton Hotel and to the Esplanade Drive beside the MerlionPark.

Something Night

The only F1 in the dark is in Singapore. And I ended the event with night swimming to wash out all the steaming in me. So who would not enjoy the long, hot night experience? Can’t wait for the my next F1 with the same company! h

Wishful Thinking with Gary

24 01 2011

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Saturday, 22 January 2011
Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill
Taguig City, Philippines

Monay and Bectchay turned back the 80s with me when both Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon of China Crisis serenaded us with their hit songs.

The famous duo were here 9 years ago. This time, I had the chance to see them perform Black Man Ray, Wishful Thinking, King in a Catholic Style, African and White and few more songs while eating good food at Little Asia.

I was very impressed as well seeing the connection of the duo with the Pinoy bands strumming the electronic instruments, synthesizers, keyboard and guitars.

I wonder what was I thinking while Gary was singing? Could it be my next adventure? h

St. James Power Station to Chill At!

1 07 2010

26 June 2010, Singapore

Do you have a spare of power for a night adrenalin chill? Go to St James Power Station and feel the heat!

Who would have thought that this place used to be the country’s first coal-fired power plant supplying electricity? Nowadays, with its 9ish powered nightclubs (I lost count with sooo much to see), St James is fuelling people from various crowds. The Lobby Bar kept us updated with the ongoing World Cup; Powerhouse made me proud seeing Pinoys and Pinays entertaining the young crowd and the Peppermint Park made my other boy friends spiced up with its outdoor bar motif.

However, keep up with your bladder break since the toilet is not that friendly.

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