“You are my Vuvuzela”, someone said!

10 07 2010
Friday, 9 July 2010
Makati City, Philippines

Good enough that I was not able to see a real Vuvuzela! Otherwise, this 3-foot long windpipe will surely be my partner in leaving trail destruction.

I left Singapore in June with very good memories of World Cup 2010 at Hard Rock Café Sentosa. I had juice and food to munch while watching the victorious England game and learning football rules from my mentor sitting beside me.  To continue the joy, I even wore the grey HRC top from the gift shop when we headed back to the airport Sunday night.

But when I got sms that I was this someone’s “Vuvuzela”, I immediately replied “Yes. Loud”.

I might have created a stomping beat in this person’s heart.

Now it is up to you to feel if it is a compliment or not when somebody tells you that you are his/her “Vuvuzela”!

*photos downloaded from the net

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