Explore the Deep Sea in Anilao!

26 07 2013
Sunday,  21 July 2013
Batangas, Philippines

To initiate this type of adventure:

1.    Make sure you have done the basic scuba training. Of course, this will depend on your comfortability in water and some basic swimming skills.

2.    Have a clean bill of health. After all, your safety and health are the key areas to have fun!

3.    Have an open mind. Be mentally prepared with the types of creatures you will see under water. When in doubt, DO NOT TOUCH anything that you see

4. Check out the diving resorts in the area like > anilao.backpackers.com


 Then start packing up…

1-Getting ready

and see some ..8-Down under

5-Reaching out

pistol shrimp (Alpheidae), ghost (glass) shrimp (Palaemonetes),

7- ID me

6-You've got the look

2-Don't follow

4-Hair down there

9-Follow my lead











mantis shrimp (with egg and no egg! – awesome!), sea slug  (nudibranch), the brightly colored wrassesswimming around, seapen, and the mushrooming soft corals among others! h



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