Typhoon Mangkhut uprooted some trees in Hongkong while locals enjoy the moment

18 09 2018

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Kowloon, Hong Kong

I was touring HK amidst the typhoon Mangkhut.

Surprisingly, I got awed by how positively some locals took the moment. I saw them  grabbing their manual chain saw.                                                                                      Maybe they would like to start their furniture business or creatively have their own chairs and tables?  h


Good morning Vietnam!

18 11 2012
Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It feels morning all the time in Vietnam! People are friendly and there’s good food all day round!

After having your healthy balanced Vietnamese food with fresh herbs, meat and spice, the best way to end the day is to go around HCM on motorbike during the night. Hire a 100 cc bike and enjoy the cooler green environment and breathtaking scenery of the areas Districts 1 to 3 where tourist spots, clubs and good restaurants are located. There are 24 districts in HCM and you do not need to see all these areas for sure!

Enjoy the city’s folk and ancient Vietnamese architecture rich in brick, pottery, ceramic with unique dimension and correlation. While on motorbike, I feasted my eyes looking on to the  well-lighted 68th floor high skyscraper Bitexco Financial Building, 262.5 meters (861 ft). Good thing I wasn’t the one driving! Thanks to both Minh and Tuyen for I reached back the hotel safely! 

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ADVENTURE PROMPT: As a precautionary when on motorbike, carry your backpack in front of you. h

5 Things to Discover Argentina’s Diverse Attraction

10 10 2012
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sunday 23 September 2012

1. Sightseeing in Buenos Aires for free. As you land from the airport, take the Manuel Tienda León bus and they will give you a free tour of the city as they drop you off your hotel. You will be lucky if the driver will swing by Avenida Corrientes (Corrientes Avenue), the  major thoroughfare of the city. Then come back to Avenida Corrientes during the night and have a glimpse of the ‘street that never sleeps’ cultural and nightlife. You would see running theater plays and main shows with luminous marquees! Oh by the way, don’t expect the driver to act as your tourist guide since you only paid for the transportation!

2. Lobos Marinos (sea lion). If you are the National Geographic type person, go to Mar de Plata and see for yourself the enormous sea lion ever! You could see them right in front of the Atlantic Ocean coast line. 

3. Valleys and mountains. Enjoy the scenic San Luis and go to Cordoba to complete your mountain ranges “Sierras de Cordoba” fascination. Take photos of the estancias, fashion statement of the gauchos, and get awed by the grande grass-fed Argentian beef freely walking the valleys. (Now why I know why Argentian beef is soooooo good for the palate!!)

4. Faith reaffirmation.  Do your pilgrimage to the Capital of Faith (La Capital de la Fe) and honor the Virgin of Luján, the patron saint of Argentina.  Luján city is just 68 kilometers from Buenos Aires

5. Boat riding and water sports. Enjoy the sun in Tigre, 24-30 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. You could take the public boat or drive to reach the area then rent a boat so you could enjoy the secret of Tigre. Relax as you cruise the Delta. Have lunch in the riverside restaurant. (Good that Chiquilin knew what to order for me otherwise, heavy lunch would be a “BIG no no” when doing the cruise)

See the glass enclosed vacation home of former President Domingo Sarmiento. Most of all, have fun seeing the adrenalin rush of locals as they do some water sports (speed boat, water ski, wakeboard, paddle, kayak)!

 ADVENTURE PROMPT: Items 2 and 3 mentioned above needs a lot of flying here and there from Buenos Aires 
VISA REQUIREMENTS: Take note of visa requirements before booking your Argentina adventure! h

See how Necochea People Cracks Joke!

26 09 2012
Southwest of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Tuesday, 18 September 2012

There is only one corner Necochea people will go to in case of fire and when they get hungry. h

UNPLUGGED: Our Kilimanjaro Song, Jambo Bwana

26 06 2012
14-19 June 2012 Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame Route
Tuesday, June 19, 2012
High Camp, Mt Kilimanjaro National Park

The traditional farewell ceremony for having a successful climb by our team!

Lead singer: Peter, the summit guide/porter

Back up singers: Amani, camp waiter (light blue jacket); Friedrich, the Team Leader (TL guide in bush hat); Gideon, the assistant team leader (ATL, in black shirt); Assan, the chef (behind TL) and the rest of the gang

link >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUmx4pGwFao


4 Ways to Complete your 2012 Travel Bucket list

11 01 2012
Thursday, 12 January 2012
Metro Manila, Philippines

Ahh… you are whining again because it is only second week and you feel like end of 2012. Things are already demanding too much of your time. Have you lost your mind? Find time to unwind! Find your “me time” or “with your special partner”!

Be happy and go outside your box! Complete your bucket list for 2012 by being:

1. a Visionary. Where do you want to go this year? On your mind, make a mental picture of yourself as a traveller in that place. Hang on to that picture. Do you feel happy? If not, assess once again. If yes you feel happy, proceed to #2.

2. Passionate about what you have envisioned. Believe in your dream! Be enthusiastic about it.

3. a Travel and financial planner. For once, do some more “fun” planning. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Your lunch break is a perfect travel planning session. Find fun and creative ways to complete these travel plans. Prioritize the areas you would  like to go to and or things you would like to do. Make a modular basis. Your bucket list may not be expensive. Who knows, they could even be FREE! Remember the key: Be happy! Renowned author, Norman Vincent Peale  quoted “Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”

4. a Go person. Stop procrastinating. You CAN DO it! Make some changes and complete your bucket list! And when you find yourself no longer happy in the middle of completing your bucket list, re-examine them once again and do something about it!

See you in the airport, bus station, anywhere..h

Biking Sleigh in March

3 01 2012
Saturday, 13 March 2010
Laguna, Philippines

I know. An absurd one. Indeed crazy to even coin it as “biking sleigh”. Guess why… I became a Santa not in December but for the month of March!

I took a light bike ride from Makati to Binan SLEX via West Service Road just to give gifts to my godchildren. One in Muntinlupa and another one in San Pedro, Laguna. Three months, never too late for me. But not for them, my godchildren!

Cham, my Chamorro bike became my sleigh and we reached 45k together as a team. I didn’t wear the fancy red and white attire. I just wore my usual biking shorts. And ended up with a half-burned thigh!

Alabang fans

I was already being toasted by the noontime  heat.. But the excessive glaring and scourging rays of the sun didn’t bother me when the street vendors of Alabang shouted and chanted the famous jingle “Pia! Pia! Pia Cayetano!”  Funny indeed. I just waived to them. I needed to pay attention to the busy corner of Alabang towards Laguna.


Upon reaching the main town, I stopped for some refreshment. I bought dirty ice cream. As I  moved towards the resting area, I saw two kids looking at me. I felt that they too craved for some ice cream. I went back to the sorbetero* and bought two more cones. Then without saying anything to the two kids, I just gestured to give them the ice cream. Ashamed yet with a smile, they looked up to me and I seconded the gesture. Then, they said “Salamat po!, “Thank you!”.. They motivated me to continue.

San Pedro

Alas! I have handed over my gift. As I have continued my mission for the day, I reached the bridge of San Vicente Road and struggled! There was a jam and as expected all jeepney** passengers were looking at me! Their scrutinizing look did not stop me and I was able to give the second gift.

It was a cruise as soon as I have seen the very environment-friendly signage in town. I took a snap.

Binan side trip

Of course, a side trip completes an adventure. I went to Almond’s house. That was the time I met, Bianchi, the old bike of Almond’s brother. It was a good feeling since Bianchi was able to go out for a ride. She and Cham peddled right through the tunnel of Binan just beside South Luzon Expressway. What a ride!

I felt that Cham became a Santa too as well for Bianchi. Looking forward to my next biking sleigh weekend! h

*ice cream vendor; **public transportation in the country inspired by the US military during World War II

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