End of the Year Day Hike: Mt Sembrano

17 01 2015

Sunday, 7 December 2014
Pililla, Rizal, Philippines

B1 and B3 informed me of their hike Week1 of December. But when typhoon Ruby international name “Hagupit” planned to hit the country, they aborted their plan. They together with B2 ended up joining J and I to Mt. Sembrano, a 745m above sea level or 2438 ft high located between Rizal and Laguna provinces.

Our itinerary:

1-Target Mt Sembrano5:45 Jollibee Edsa Shangrila

8:00 Brgy Malaya, Pililla, Rizal, Registered at the Barangay hall, 210 m asl.

2- Registration Brgy Malaya 
08:00 Started trekking

Trail and flora nearing Manggahan.

5-Flora at Manggahan

09:00 Manggahan

3-ManggahanI was expecting the Manggahan that I used to know. However, we didn’t catch the sight of the swing made of used tire anymore. The manang (the feminine term for older sister) who used to sell banana or mangoes (depending on the season) was not there too. Instead, we saw the kids of Manggahan (manggahan is a local term for mango plantation) cutting some woods in preparation for their lunch.  I told myself that I had to document it. I wanted to share what was happening to the kids back home who for sure were busy with their PS4 or tablets.

While killing time, I suggested B1 and B2 to prepare their lunch as well. 

4-Manggahan10:45 Continued trekking

6-Nearing South Peak11:45 First or South Peak 

7-View towards North Peak from South Peak.12:45 Lunch

After lunch, I guided B1, B2 and B3 to the summit. We were lucky that typhoon Ruby was not there! We took the pleasure of no scourging sun and no rain before us.

8-Reaching North Peak13:20 Second or North Peak

10-View at North PeakUpon reaching the summit, H took some time with baby digi (my digital Canon) 

9-At North PeakWe all paused for a while and enjoyed the picturesque view of Laguna Lake and nearby landmarks like Talim Island, Sierra Madre range, etc.  14:45 Went back to First Peak

15:45 Manggahan

16:30 Back to Jump-off

We logged out at the Registration. That was the time I realized I forgot my bullcap at Manggahan! For sure it will be of use for the kids anyway :0

HOW TO GO THERE: From Edsa Shaw Boulevard, take the road to SM Angono Rizal. Then from Binangonan, take the Tanay Laguna side, Morong then Baras. Once you reached Brgy Julo of Pililla, the next barangay would be Brgy Quisao. Stop at Brgy Malaya Barangay Hall or Multi-Purpose Building (see 2nd photo above) to register. h





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