One Day Hike, A Lifetime Memories: Mt Maculot Traverse

22 03 2013
Sunday, 20 January 2013
Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines

After a month or so of no outdoor activities, where else could I gear up? Of course Maculot! Crinkles, Monay and I wanted something more than the rockies itinerary. To make it more exciting then, a traverse hike would be the best! Let me share with you this safest route (grotto traverse rockies). Oh, before telling you the itinerary, I should say why it is the safest for me. Less hikers take the grotto side and traverse to rockies. Therefore, in case of any untoward incidents, more people may respond to you and not just those from the registration area! Besides, after grotto is already a forested area. Better,don’t get trapped in a very unfashionable way! So here goes:

Itinerary: Traverse from Grotto to Rockies side
7am – ETD Makati for North contingents, take the bus bound to Lipa, Batangas
8am – ETD Alabang for South contingents, take the bus bound to Lipa1-Maculot from the local market
10am – ETA Lipa, proceed to any nearby fast food for breakfast; this will be the waiting area for other fun hikers, just don’t forget to send them sms!
11am – ETD Lipa, take the jeepney bound to Cuenca
11:15am – local market, take the tricyle, go to Grotto registration area 
11:30am – start ascend, hike-up
12:30pm – ETD grotto, have lunch, photo op, then descend to the grassland  area – about 3-4 ft tall (depending on the season)
2-View After Grotto
13:30pm – ETD first rope area with bouldering.
Then continue hiking to the forested area
4-View after Rope1
13:50pm – ETD second rope area, but with dependencies on the traffic on trail. Hike up to the rooted area5-Rope2
14:20pm – ETD summit, photo op, enjoy the view of Taal6-Taal from Summit
15:30pm – ETD 7-11, there are sari-sari stores (more than 1 underground economy abound specially during Holy Week selling soda, candies etc). Go to rockies (be extra careful here for visibility may be a challenge specially from 4pm onwards)
16:30pm-  start descend, otherwise leave at 15:45 if rockies’ visibility is not good
7-Trail from Rockies side
18:00pm – ETA rockies side registration area, local market
More of Maculot >>

Don’t forget your sunscreen! All for Fun! h




5 responses

28 03 2013

Nice Place!!

30 07 2013

keep on travelling sir

31 07 2013

Thank you!

2 08 2013

2 good people resting on the peak of Mt. Maculot found your mobile phone and trekking pole clip. Thanks to them….

2 08 2013

These 2 good people are one of my blessings in life! Thank you JC!!!

oh btw, Breadships will go to your place Crinkles there in Rayong Thailand. So plan the itinerary for some hikes soon.

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