Cham reached 110!

6 11 2012
Saturday, 2 November 2012
Angat, Bulacan
Central Luzon, Philippines

I am not talking about Cham’s age. I was referring to the kilometrage distance she has accomplished today. Cham together with GT (Bucopie’s bicycle) and Fort (my former bike but now back to the owner – Brodear) reached Angat Bulacan late afternoon.

Both Cham and Fort were just cruising Makati City. Then off we went to Cartimar Pasay City for check up. Unfortunately Doc Sandy, the bike doctor did not report today. While thinking of the alternative bike clinic, Cham found another helmet so Brodear could use THE BLUE. I then ended up changing jersey to match the new “orange” helmet.

Another doctor in a nearby bike shop found out that Fort had a “rios” or “spoke” injury. Fort needed something more for his odometer. We stopped to buy battery and passed by Roxas Boulevard, Manila then Luneta Park and crossed Binondo bridge.

As we landed Sta. Cruz church area, we found a local Chinese restaurant. We stopped for brunch. At 1330, Brodear and I found a place where we could park both Fort and Cham while we eat. The Chinese owner was very customer friendly. Her warm welcome cost us about 10USD (412PHP). After quenching our thirst and munching the fishfillet, we started pedaling once again.

We reached Bucopie’s house in Valenzuela almost 15:00. GT was not supposed to go with us. But this was the day that Cham became a good alibi for GT. After an hour or so, we stopped for ice cream! My butt was already dying with sore! Arrrrgggh! I was already pedal standing! But I was careful not to hurt my knee that had arthroscopy last Q2 (see blog >> There was no time to waste more energy. I needed to sustain aerobically. So I used the saddle once again,,, ouch!

Another excruciating rolling 48km followed but with 1 stop to taste the newly baked “Malunggay” pandesal! Hot and Yummy!! Didn’t know that small flavored bread tasted really good!

We finally reached the goal. Doc DG, our family dentist bought us dinner. The night was really dark but we still needed to do some more 3km trail to find other means in going back Makati City. An angel passed by and gave us a jeepney ride to Valenzuela.

Find out the MILESTONES for your alternative biking route:
Makati to Cartimar Pasay (4km)
Cartimar to Monumento Circle, Caloocan (14km)
Caloocan to Valenzuela (7km)
Valenzuela McArthur Highway to Bocaue Bridge (10km)
Crossed North Luzon Expressway to Sta Maria Bulacan (24 km)
Sta Maria Bulacan to Norzagaray Bulacan (25km)
Norzagaray Bulacan to Angat Bulacan (23km)
Poblacion bus station to Jeepney station (3km)
CALCULATOR check = 110km!

This was my second centennial ride since I started long biking! Nice to do it with Brodear! h




2 responses

16 11 2012
Dipankar Ghosh

You can write a book, name should be “Roaming the World”

16 11 2012

Hahah.. not yet.. still need to go around… I have to look at my travel bucket list 🙂

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