AdventureHescape: Mt Banahaw de Lucban

15 02 2012
Lucban, Quezon

Mt Banahaw de Lucban is one of Mount Banahaw peaks. The other two: Mt Banahaw de Dolores and Mt Cristobal. Standing at 1818m asl Mt Banahaw de Lucban is part of the national park and protected area under the Mts Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape and considered as a favorite hiking and scientific destination for its unique trail characteristics and natural points of interest (flora and fauna abound).

Before you do this fun “major” climb, hang on for some tips for your watch out list:

1. Go with your real friends. Hiking or mountain climbing in the Philippines could be tricky. This is one area where it would be difficult to go with acquaintances since the challenges from logistical hiking requirements to the actual hike itself could test your patience. Mt Banahaw de Lucban may not be high as you may think of, but it is full of trials. The quest starts with the sending of Permit to Hike followed by the distribution of load sharing for the group gear and food. And most importantly, the trail management for a better pacing.

2. Have a very good meal plan. To prepare for this weekend escape, have a tasty DBL (dinner, breakfast, lunch). Make sure you have a nominated gourmet Chef who knows how to maintain adequate energy for your body. Remember, the goal is to reach the summit and be able to go back the base camp safe and sound. You therefore need to have a strong feet for a proper footwork and body movements while scrambling the trail of Mt. Banahaw de Lucban. There will be instances that you just need to avoid messing the spots used for scientific studies / experiments with white styro or thin yellow demarcation line.

3. Pack inside your backpack important things. Make sure you carry an open mind, aware of Leave No Trace (LNT) so you know the impact of your activity to the environment and last but not the least, bring along the proper gear. It is always best to pack light and have more fun! What could you carry then? Make sure you have something to keep you warm as Mt Banahaw de Lucban has its own weather. Be ready that you will camp out in the rain, cross a foggy and muddy trail, feel the summit chill at 18 deg C and scramble in this rain forest. It is true! There is also scrambling (locally known in the mountaineering community as “4×4”) in a tropical country like ours whereby you use your hands to hold body weight other than for balance! So expect  muscle pains after the climb as well since you will surely end up making friends with the vines around like Tarzan! And don’t forget to use gloves so “teka-teka”, the thorny plant will not directly hurt your skin!

Day 1: (1 hr hike from jump-off, Camp-out)
1000 – ETD Magallanes, Makati City
1200    – ETA Nagcarlan
12-1300 – Lunch
1300-1400- ETA local market, do some marketing for the climb
1500– Park your vehicle at Brgy Ayuti near the school, Southern Luzon Polytechnic University. This school is where you will send your hiking permit before the actual climb. Register. On your way to the ranger’s, you will see PHIVOLCS (Philippine Institue of Volcanology and Seismology), PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.) relay station and SMART tower. Turn right from SMART and just follow the trail.
1600 – ETA Ranger’s station, 800 asl. This is the designated Base Camp or shelter ar ea. You could start pitching your tents, or start thinking which place you could bivouac. 
Day 2: (8 hr hike, 4 hrs ascend, 3 hrs descend, 1 hr hike to jump-off)
0530 – wake up call
0630 – ETD to ascend
0830 – ETA rest area, 1303m asl
1030 – ETA, summit 1818m asl
1215   – ETD, summit
1430 – ETA rest area, 1303m asl
1515 – ETA ranger’s station, break camp
1615 – ETD ranger’s station
1715 – ETA Brgy Ayuti, pass by the school
1720 – Proceed to the designated parking area
2030 – ETA Magallanes, Makati City
NOTE: Don’t attempt to change the itinerary since more logistical, health and safety requirements are needed if you camp on the trail instead at the Ranger’s station. Remember, “climb high but camp low”.
-gloves (protection for teka-teka and the like; your 4×4 trekking will be more fun when you wear gloves!)
-arm warmers (protection for green striped leeches locally known as “bulalangwan”.
-eye protection (also protection from bulalangwan. once you see them in any of your body parts, make sure you push them away with a flip of your fingers)
-trekking pole/mountain stick (to lessen hand swelling while hiking to keep your hands elevated a bit and of course to support your knee so you could still go on hiking more mountains!)
-water container/bladder (there is no water source along the trail. lucky if the locals have enough rain water at the summit they keep in a medium-sized container. otherwise, you could attempt drinking the water from the landslide area on your way to the summit)
-sturdy shoes (the trail gets so muddy and careful for you might end up walking on barefoot!)
-day pack (use this for your Day 2 summit assault or better yet, water bladder is enough)
-hiking umbrella (rain gets heavy any time of the day)
-poncho (if you are not an umbrella fashionista!)
BUDGET: Guide 500php (10USD) /day; Ranger 500php/day (10 USD). Others: food, transpo
HOW TO GET THERE: You could take the bus bound to Sta. Cruz Laguna from LRT Buendia Taft Avenue, Pasay City or take the buses bound South from EDSA. Upon reaching Sta. Cruz, take the jeepney bound to Lucban. Once you reach the local market area, take the tricycle to Brgy Ayuti. Better yet, bring your own vehicle. h



13 responses

18 02 2012
Dipankar Ghosh

Nice Trek, carry on,…

18 02 2012

Danyavad Dip!

20 02 2012
Dipankar Ghosh

Bhalo Thako!

20 02 2012

very informative. good job, H!

20 02 2012

Gracias! Next time let’s do the other trail 🙂

29 04 2012

huwaw! 🙂

19 05 2012

Let’s do the traverse next time 🙂

21 06 2012

hi can i have your guide contacts in mt.banahao de lucban? i want to climb it this july please email me many thanks!

25 06 2012

Hi Chester, thanks for swinging by. Unfortunately, there was a pickpocket who took my BB. I would strongly suggest therefore for you to secure permit directly from the Southern Luzon Polytechnic University. Enjoy the outdoor!

4 07 2012

sir kelan po ba kayu umakyat sa BDL?… kumuha ba kayu ng guide? or kaya rin ng walang guide.. and sinu yung Contact nyu?…
Our Group is planing to do the BDL on july 21-22…thanks…

9 07 2012

Better coordinate with the school so that they will assign a guide for you. BDL is a no joke mountain. All climbers should be fit. Dapat lahat handa sa physical demands ng bundok. Besides, BDL has its own distinct weather patterns. Our guide even mentioned that late Ernie Baron even could not understand the mystery (of course, without evidential documented study or reviews about the comment received).

Please read once again my blog entry. Lahat ng tips on the readiness at expectations nandyan. Good luck and have fun!

15 07 2013

is it possible to camp in the peak?

15 07 2013

Yes good for few tents only. But please note, no water source. Lucky you if there will be rain water trapped in some big leaves, trash or something.. NOTE: Don’t attempt to change the itinerary since more logistical, health and safety requirements are needed if you camp on the trail or summit. BEST to camp at the Ranger’s station. Remember, “climb high but camp low”.

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