4 Ways to Complete your 2012 Travel Bucket list

11 01 2012
Thursday, 12 January 2012
Metro Manila, Philippines

Ahh… you are whining again because it is only second week and you feel like end of 2012. Things are already demanding too much of your time. Have you lost your mind? Find time to unwind! Find your “me time” or “with your special partner”!

Be happy and go outside your box! Complete your bucket list for 2012 by being:

1. a Visionary. Where do you want to go this year? On your mind, make a mental picture of yourself as a traveller in that place. Hang on to that picture. Do you feel happy? If not, assess once again. If yes you feel happy, proceed to #2.

2. Passionate about what you have envisioned. Believe in your dream! Be enthusiastic about it.

3. a Travel and financial planner. For once, do some more “fun” planning. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Your lunch break is a perfect travel planning session. Find fun and creative ways to complete these travel plans. Prioritize the areas you would  like to go to and or things you would like to do. Make a modular basis. Your bucket list may not be expensive. Who knows, they could even be FREE! Remember the key: Be happy! Renowned author, Norman Vincent Peale  quoted “Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.”

4. a Go person. Stop procrastinating. You CAN DO it! Make some changes and complete your bucket list! And when you find yourself no longer happy in the middle of completing your bucket list, re-examine them once again and do something about it!

See you in the airport, bus station, anywhere..h




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