Want to Hike Mt Maculot?

7 01 2012
Saturday, 7 January 2012
Cuenca, Batangas

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Here are the reasons why Mt Maculot fuels the enthusiasm of outdoor enthusiasts:

1. Elevation. The 600m asl/1968 ft elevation of this mountain is a generally 2-hr hike going up

2. Trail. Don’t get me wrong, the trail starts off from a main concrete road jump-off at Barangay Poblacion and will surely surprise you with the steep ascending forested terrain.

3. Scenic. As you catch up with your pace, you will be taken away by the breathtaking view of Taal Lake, the rock formation at Rockies and the foggy trail near the Philippine Air Force marker.

4. Value for  Money. In less than 500php (10 USD), your outdoor fun may already be completed! Registration is only 10php (.22 USD), tricycle to jump-off from the town market is only 20php (.45 USD) Bus cost going there is only 150php (3 USD), just don’t forget to budget also your coming back to Manila!

5. Good local food. Try the famous local coffee called Kapeng Barako and the various kakain (native delicacies) within the Public Market before and even after hiking. Just choose your preferred carinderias or localized fast-food. You could find relatively clean ones with servers even wearing flashy red aprons!

6. Distance. Cuenca is only approximately between 90km-98km or 3-hr ride from Manila, Taft -Buendia Avenues within Luzon island.

Sample full 12-hr DAY HIKE ITINERARY via Rockies:

6:30    Meet up

07:00 Aboard JAM Bus line from Taft-Buendia Avenues or EDSA bound to Lemery / Cuenca Batangas

10:00 ETA Cuenca Public Market. Then take the tricycle to the jump-off. On your way, register but please do not expect to log out after your hike. The tricycle driver knows where the registration is.

10:20 Start ascend

12:10 ETA Summit, then go to Rockies area for photo opportunities

12:30 Start descend

13:00 Have lunch

13:30 Continue descending

15:30 ETA Jump-off, get on board a bus bound to Manila (either via Cubao or Buendia)

18:30 ETA Manila

What are you waiting for? C’mon let’s hike this year!

*Mt Maculot is also known as the training ground of the Philippine Air Force. h




6 responses

9 01 2012
Dipankar Ghosh

Nice place!

9 01 2012

Thanks! This will be a nice training for your Sandakhpur climb.

12 01 2012
Dipankar Ghosh

Yes, but till date Sandakpu trek road is closed, let’s see,by the way why u have not shown your face on the photo, I know u always like to behind the camera not in front of camera,Good to see you!

12 01 2012

That wasn’t me. She’s my model. 🙂

13 01 2012
Dipankar Ghosh

Ok,Good model, should be in Madame Tussaud!

13 01 2012

Didn’t know about that! I checked out the website.. nice 🙂

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