Biking Sleigh in March

3 01 2012
Saturday, 13 March 2010
Laguna, Philippines

I know. An absurd one. Indeed crazy to even coin it as “biking sleigh”. Guess why… I became a Santa not in December but for the month of March!

I took a light bike ride from Makati to Binan SLEX via West Service Road just to give gifts to my godchildren. One in Muntinlupa and another one in San Pedro, Laguna. Three months, never too late for me. But not for them, my godchildren!

Cham, my Chamorro bike became my sleigh and we reached 45k together as a team. I didn’t wear the fancy red and white attire. I just wore my usual biking shorts. And ended up with a half-burned thigh!

Alabang fans

I was already being toasted by the noontime  heat.. But the excessive glaring and scourging rays of the sun didn’t bother me when the street vendors of Alabang shouted and chanted the famous jingle “Pia! Pia! Pia Cayetano!”  Funny indeed. I just waived to them. I needed to pay attention to the busy corner of Alabang towards Laguna.


Upon reaching the main town, I stopped for some refreshment. I bought dirty ice cream. As I  moved towards the resting area, I saw two kids looking at me. I felt that they too craved for some ice cream. I went back to the sorbetero* and bought two more cones. Then without saying anything to the two kids, I just gestured to give them the ice cream. Ashamed yet with a smile, they looked up to me and I seconded the gesture. Then, they said “Salamat po!, “Thank you!”.. They motivated me to continue.

San Pedro

Alas! I have handed over my gift. As I have continued my mission for the day, I reached the bridge of San Vicente Road and struggled! There was a jam and as expected all jeepney** passengers were looking at me! Their scrutinizing look did not stop me and I was able to give the second gift.

It was a cruise as soon as I have seen the very environment-friendly signage in town. I took a snap.

Binan side trip

Of course, a side trip completes an adventure. I went to Almond’s house. That was the time I met, Bianchi, the old bike of Almond’s brother. It was a good feeling since Bianchi was able to go out for a ride. She and Cham peddled right through the tunnel of Binan just beside South Luzon Expressway. What a ride!

I felt that Cham became a Santa too as well for Bianchi. Looking forward to my next biking sleigh weekend! h

*ice cream vendor; **public transportation in the country inspired by the US military during World War II




5 responses

4 01 2012


4 01 2012

Let’s chismax while biking cheezmiss!
Read your article on EAT BULAGA as well! My family sooooo love them!

6 01 2012

ehe, thanks!

6 01 2012

huwaw! 😉

6 01 2012

hey runner badoshlavach! let’s RUN RUN RUN! Thanks for swinging by 🙂

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