Walk so You Know the Talk

30 12 2011

Sunday , 8 August 2010

Guam, USA

The best way to really know the place is to walk around. Don’t ride any vehicle. Just walk so you know what’s happening around the area.

Having that thought on my mind, I ended up walking after my 6-hr Sunday meeting with boss. We started after lunch and I ended up eating a lot during dinner just to boost my energy. Afterwards, I decided to take a walk to stretch my muscle and adjust my metabolism. I didn’t notice that it was almost 5km.

In the middle of my light evening exercise,  a red sports utility vehicle stopped. I overheard a woman saying “Excuse me! Excuse me! Are you okay? My son and I have been seeing you walking. Do you need a ride?”. I was stunned for a sec. I smilingly replied,  “I’m okay, thank you. I ate a lot and needed to burn the calories.”

That was the time I started liking the people on Guam island. h




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