The Slant on the Filipino Phrase: “Dugong Bughaw”

17 11 2011
Wednesday, 17 November 2011
Guam, USA


The direct translation of “dugong bughaw” in Filipino phrase is someone who has royal blood. Bughaw or asul means blue and blood for “dugo”. In current Pinoy slang, dugong bughaw is also associated with being privileged.

Earlier today at the passport control, I was requested to go to the right side. My eye doctor  was asked to go to the left side although we were aboard the same flight. I then wondered . “Both he and I were Filipinos,” so I thought. I didn’t notice that my eye doctor pulled out his “blue” passport from his blazer. While I was holding my “brown” passport, I lingered “this is how it feels like being a “kayumanggi”, or brown. h








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