Money Blooper: THB and SGD are they the same?

22 10 2011
Sunday, 3 July 2011
Orchard, Singapore

When travelling, make sure you only keep the paper money of the country where you are (or USD/GBP whichever you find is conveniently exchanged).

I carry Giraffe, my Paul Smith since last year as a travelling wallet with a belief that it will give me luck any where I go. And for the past 11 months, all the left over paper money of the countries that I have visited were still inside. Part of the luck, so I thought.

I was rushing to Changi airport and didn’t notice I ran out of SGD. Of course the MRT machine only accepted the Singaporean man in spectacles and not the Thai man! It dawned at me that I was trying to use my THB instead of SGD on my second attempt to complete my Changi leg MRT card! And since there was no USD exchange in MRT booth, I ended up hailing a cab at Orchard from Marina Bay side and used my credit card.

Wisdom: I thought my learning was to arrange my wallet before travelling. Deeper than that was NOT to  depend on somebody who will give you a ride. Now I got flashback on how the door was shutting off on my face at Tiny’s . This was before I ended up mixing all my denominations inside the wallet I thought will bring me luck. h




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