I have a Shrink!

25 09 2011
Sunday, 25 September 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Who does not have shrink nowadays? I thought I didn’t have. I just realized today that I do have one after receiving sms that goes:

“I have prepared  your medicine regimen to be strictly followed for lifelong theraphy.

Take your afternoon medicine, Esgee for it induces you to sleep.

Take your morning Guamee vitamins for it stimulates your senses and sharpens your cognitive function.

Now for your weekend drug, take 29er anxiety/antidepressant drug for it reduces your depressive mood which subsequently enhances your state of euphoria.

If you forget your medicines, don’t take two doses to catch up for the missed dose instead continue the next medicine due for the day to avoid toxicity.”

Now I am no longer in denial mode. h




2 responses

29 09 2011
Mushi Mushi

Dr. Shrink is in.

Imeldific is so engrossed in reading ur blog especially this one that is specifically directed to her. She considered it a very special column in your blog which she is so honored and grateful to be posted and read by other friends out there.

Truly a professional composition resulted from a beautiful mind of adventureH.

Regards to your global buddies …
Miss u H.

29 09 2011
Mushi Mushi

should be medication regimen i/o medicine and antianxiety i/o anxiety.


Don’t forget your afternoon delight with AussieBoy …

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