We Remember 9/11

12 09 2011
Sunday 11 September 2011
Guam, USA

Decade ago, the nation was hurt.

Security issues have been jeopardized.

The government has a lot of things to do until now. It is the government’s job to put things back together. Meanwhile the people have the responsibility as well to attend to their own “personal healing”. I felt the pain of 9/11 since New York is very much a part of me. I used to walk along the streets of Vesey, Liberty and Church. I used to go to World Trade Center (WTC) and take the subway to New Jersey. I used to buy discounted Broadway ticket and just observe people walking by. So many memories.


I watched the television while the September 11, 2001 attack was happening. And immediately prayed for the 3,000 people who innocently died. I know my prayers were not enough. In 2002, I passed by and paid respect to them once again.


This year, aside from offering prayers, I woke up at 4am just to make it to Chamorro Village and supported the organized 5K run  by the Guam Homeland Security, Office of Civil Defense and the other volunteer partners from USS Frank Cable CPOA, Guam Running Club etc.


Whatever we do,  may it be prayers, running or what have you, we will not surely be able to run from the pain. But we could move forward for forgiveness. I know it is difficult. So keep on praying for peace in our hearts too. h




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