Two Summits, Two Hours: One Day

3 09 2011

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Mt Lam Lam and Mt Jumullong Manglo
Saturday, 3 September 2011
Guam, USA

Rainy and gloomy on Guam. But it didn’t spoil my two summit hike for the day while I feel the natural steam in me.

After having blueberry pancake at Jan Z’s By the Sea, a restaurant located in Agat Marina, Mr Grill and I headed to Mt Lam Lam jump-off just to have a glimpse. Realizing that the rain has stopped, we parked at Cetti Bay overlook (which is just past the Sella Bay overlook) and decided to hike up.

We trekked over rough rocks, muddy red and grassy trail with our Havaiana’s and Quicksilver.

Upon reaching the peak of Mt Lam Lam, we had a view of the ocean, the port and the greens of the island. “H”, my 3-inch teddy bear travel buddy had a snap and decided not to leave the area. Yes, she stayed on.

Since it was only about an hour from the jump off, Mr Grill suggested to  hike up Mt Jumullong Manglo. We descended and turned left from Cross 10.

TRIVIA: Mt. Lam Lam is the highest peak on Guam with an elevation of 406 meters (1,332 feet). This mountain is argued to be the highest mountain on earth atop Mariana Trench. Mt Jumullong Manglo on the other hand is a little lower and famous for its religious magnetism. Hence, one would see cross stations on trail.

HOW TO GET THERE: From Marine Drive, turn left upon reaching the main gate of Guam Naval Base. Head up to Cetti Bay overlook, Agat Umatac highway. Park there and cross the street. There is a signage of Mt Lam Lam.

WHAT TO BRING: Insect repellent, sunscreen (although we didn’t have the sun on this hike,  I still had sunburn! The clouds must have been thin and high hence ultraviolet still hit me), gloves (grass and other green abound)

ITINERARY: 9am-rendezvous; 930am-stop for breakfast at Jan Z’s By the Sea; 1030am-head on to the jump off; 1035am-stop at Cetti Bay overlook. 10:45am-hike up; 11:45 Mt Lam Lam summit 12:15pm descend; 12:30-turn left from Cross 10; 12:45 peak of Mt Jumullong Manglo; 12:55 descend; 13:15 Umatac highway jump off. h




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