Two Different Worlds, 1 Goal

23 04 2011

BCP: Babuyan Claro-Camiguin-Palaui Islands Dental Mission
Thursday, 21 April 2011
Cagayan, Philippines

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It was 2010 when Doc Sam immediately confirmed the dental mission for this year.
Eggpie thought that it will not push through after the recent Japan tsunami.
Because of the good cause, the road to our goal was not smooth but practically went well.
All 4 dentists made it to Aparri, the main meeting place and was able to adjust to the “outdoor” working condition
All 4 non-medical team at the same time was able to get used to seeing and washing various dental instruments such as: tissue and extraction forceps, bone curette, bone file, explorer probes, mirror, periotome elevators and a lot more!

The weather was good with no 12 inch high tide.
The technical nautical difficulty was attended to right away by the cargo vessel team.
The compass that mysteriously bogged down became perfectly functioning.
Camiguin island wrapped with fog became crystal clear.
While all these nautical difficulties were happening, dolphins and humpback whales were on sight giving us a second of calmness. These mammals seemingly knew that we needed comfort at the time.

The sponsorships such as medicines, medical consumables, financial assistance, new clothes for the local volunteers, prayers and support were all just right. We even received food from the couple dentists based in Lal-lo, fish from the boatman, free lunch and dinner from both the house owners and the Health and Elementary Principal Offices.

Overall beneficiaries for the FREE dental extraction assistance totalled 135 patients both children and adults. These patients came all over from Camiguin and Palaui islands.

Next year, we hope for Babuyan Claro. h




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