Was it the Customs Dog or the Handler that Stopped Me?

2 04 2011
Thursday, 31 March 2011

It was a breeze after the immigration line.  There were only 2 people ahead of me and the waiting time took only less than 5 minutes.

As I reached the baggage carousel, a charming beagle approached me. For a second while looking at the beagle’s short and long body structure, I remembered Tannie, my dachshund.

The handler then looked at me and asked, “do you have food inside your backpack?”.  I said “Yes. I have a chocolate pastry that I did not finish eating earlier”. I realized that in less than a minute, the beagle’s scenting ability surfaced!

Moral lesson that I have learned today: “It is better to throw left over food when you are to land an airport. Otherwise, face the consequences”. h




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