Running on Guam!

2 04 2011
Saturday, 2 April 2011
San Vitores Road, Guam

It was time for me to hit the road. I got my New Balance and started running. My goal was to reach the block after The Westin Resort Guam at low intensity so that I could take a snap of Guam’s sundown.

After I have passed through the famous shopping areas on the island like Tumon Sands Plaza where Louis Vuitton is, Guam DFS (Duty Free Shop) where Planet Hollywood is, I felt that my heart needed to cool down for awhile. Good thing that I was already at my “goal” area. While brisk walking on the grass parking, I took out my Black Berry and started to take the photo.  

I descended back to Fiesta Resort Guam after finishing my 1.6 km 20-minute running and took another 10 minutes for brisk walking at the beach front of Tumon bay. To improve my recovery rate and reduce muscle pains, I did some stretching. I also did some meditation to prepare me for another goal >> stairs climbing from ground to eight floor instead of taking the lift! h




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