I found Kubo!

15 01 2011
Friday, 31 December 2010
Metro Manila, Philippines

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Amidst the fireworks, I found “kubo”. I must admit, it was a very long journey for me.

Kubo is not my dream abode. But I am still glad, I got the courage to own her!

As my friend says, “patience is the best ingredient”. h




10 responses

8 06 2011
Jorge "Crinkles" Salazar

There is no secret ingredient – To make something special you just have to believe it’s special…

I just believe you’re special

10 06 2011
Maria "Ensaymada" Trajano

Nice interior sister…love it. “Bahay kubo kahit munti… ang may bahay doon ay waging wagi…. biyatch!!!! :)))

10 06 2011

thanks! may kanta pa!

10 06 2011

thanks crinkles!

9 06 2011
jen d

awww…ganda. home sweet home.

bat prang kama lang pnicturan mo..uy…

10 06 2011

Kaya sya “kubo”, kama lang kasya! haha

10 06 2011
lady gaga

Nice place you got here. I like the way you fix it.

10 06 2011


12 03 2015

WOW.. H! 🙂 … nice loft! great interior.. practicing your inner skills on decorating I guess ? any item from India? or your travels?

12 03 2015

thanks! when you swing by, you will see Taj. Those two artworks came all the way from Tanzania. The rest from some travels as well..

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