I Want to Make a Tent!

21 12 2010
Saturday, 18 December 2010
AIM, Makati City Philippines

I was impressed hearing that an acquaintance of mine named PK would like to make a new tent! Out of curiosity, I asked what triggered him to make one. I thought he was a mountaineer too. He told me that he and his family went camping one day in Tagaytay highlands where they tried the resort owned tent. Since it was summer time, both he and his son were not comfortable inside the tent. Both of them “melted” instead the tent. That incident triggered him to have a business endeavour in making a tent! In an instant, I share what little information I know about tents. Here goes:

The Material

Tents are made of cotton, nylon, polyester and felt. Because of the usage, the famous ones are the polyesters and nylon since they do not absorb much water. Both can be waterproofed.

The Types

Another consideration when making or buying a tent of course is the protection from weather and or temperature. For a tropical climate like ours, the best one of course is good for summer. But mind you there are still other types like: four-season (good for winter, spring, summer or fall) or the three-season (only good for spring, summer and fall).

There is also another category depending on the number of people: one-person (very light but tent is good for solos); two-person (good for two people); three-person (a little heavier and larger); and four-person or so (large and heavy).

The Price 

As the tent becomes more technical or has more protection, the cost or price tends to go up. And as the tent goes larger in capacity, the price goes higher as well. The lowest tent that could be good for hiking, camping or mountaineering in the country could be from 100USD+ (5,000.00 PHP +) .

So before making or even buying one, make a research and most of all, think twice! h




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