Five for 25!

21 12 2010
Saturday, 11 December 2010
Ipo Dam, Bulacan

I got 5 “glittering” stars from my angel today for I have planted 25 seedlings in Ipo dam. At the same time, I too have 5 “falling” stars for feeling sad about their future plight. While looking at the falling stars, I hoped that these 25 will someday help mitigate effects of climate change.

Little that you know, Ipo dam is a reservoir watershed with moderate forest around the area. The water from here goes to La Mesa dam that supplies most water in Metro Manila.

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Help from the Community groups

Ford Philippines, UP Mountaineering club, the Rotary Club of QC, individual volunteers like us from the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines (MFPI) and Breadship Outdoors have been helping both Ipo and Angat dams in planting trees.

My last tree planting in the area was in 2005. I did not see any houses  at the time. Today, I have seen mushrooming habitation in Ipo dam and the government should address this issue.

My share

While planting the seedling, Elorde, the young kid settler in the area went to my pot hole and watched me. I started talking to him and we ended up counting the seedlings together. As we were enjoying our conversations  I thought of involving him in the process so that he would understand why I went all the way to Ipo dam to plant trees. After all, both of us will benefit from our endeavours.h




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