Running in the Philippines:hitting the iron while it is hot!

13 12 2010
Saturday, 20 November 2010
Taguig City, Philippines

Running in the country is now a fad. Every weekend, one will see mushrooming runners in Taguig. Unfortunately, the running fee is also increasing in number. Gone are the days that it will only take 6 USD (300php) or even less to run either for a cause or for fitness purposes.

For instance, 3K now is 4 USD (200php). Both 5K and10K are 6 USD (300php). 21K is 15 USD (750php). 32K is steaming hot in 18 USD (900php).

Sides of the coin

What goes with the price then? A runner now could experience automated registration on selected outlets. Then will have singlet, running chips/D-tags, bib number, race analysis, downloadable photos, finisher’s medal (for selected race categories) and loot bags while giving a portion of registration to a certain project for a cause. Amazingly, there are fringe benefits too! Runners will see security and medical teams within the area, water stations and free banana (for 21K up).

The other side of the coin is the fact that not all will be accommodated by the increasing fee registration. These are the people who would like to have fun but are being challenged by the registration costs.h




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