I Run for a Cause

13 12 2010

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RunRio Trilogy 2010
Saturday, 20 November 2010
Taguig City, Philippines

I started my 2010 with adrenalin rush into running. Thanks to my running mate Almond who gave me a bright idea to join the RunRio Trilogy – my 3 races for the year. Although I know that I do not have the physique to excel in running, I set my goal to start off with 10K for RunRios 1 and 2 and told him that I will do 21K on the final leg.

RunRio1: Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 (Sunday, 21 February)

Like the usual, I was nervous at first. This was my 3rd 10K of my life. I did a satisfactory record at

1:11:55. I was the 218th amongst the 655 10K runners amongst my specie. I was pleased for I have contributed to running for healthy lifestyle, UNICEF and WWF.

RunRio2: Nature Valley Run (Sunday, 30 May)

I was about to give up the last minute. And Almond motivated me. He did not sleep the night before the run. He was still reviewing for his afternoon class when I slept. After two hours of sleeping, I got up from bed and did the run. I finished with 1:27:24 history record. I became the 1993rd runner of the total 2358 runners. Although I felt that my time should have been better, I contributed ONE tree on this run. As the motto for this leg, “One Runner, One Tree”..

RunRio3: Unilab Run United 2 (Saturday, 20 November)

Even outside school, I still use my “cramming” skills. I prepared one week before the event in order to reach my goal – to finish the 21k without injury. So I did a modular program in 3 days for my physical preparation. Day 1: I started Saturday morning with 3k run in 10 min. Then on the same afternoon, I did 5k run within 20 min. I went 5km biking around the area where I live. Then I went back to my manual treadmill and did 10k within 50min. Day 2: The following day, I did another run.  Day 3 was a Tuesday and I have considered it as my last training day. It was 4 days before the run. To motivate myself more, I gave myself a spa treatment. I had a foot and body massage! For my mental preparation, my brother and I circled the 21k map Friday night. But mind you, we were not on foot.

On the event day, I finished a gruelling 3:19:27 gun time record with a painful muscle cramp. I was the 1068th runner out of the 1100. Although I was in pain, I felt good because I finished the 11k ascending Buendia bridge with stamina. I suddenly lost my pacing after I have stopped and went to the loo. My muscles contracted and I felt the muscle pain. From then on, I did run and brisk walking in order to contribute to the Gawad Kalusugan and Hero foundation.

Overall scorecard

While passing through the finish line of the last leg, I felt proud for completing the RunRio trilogy in one piece. I became a part of the projects for a cause and had fun in the process. I may say that the RunRio was my running adventure for the year..h




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