Awesome Boracay!

13 11 2010
Sunday, 24 October 2010
Boracay Island, Philippines

I was not really excited going to Boracay this time. I have seen quite a number of places in the country that I find better than the island for environment preservation is very imminent. But I suddenly found myself frolicking under the sun.

It is good to see tourism activities that impact the natural beauty of the island are now under control. One would see anti-smoking signages. Sewerage systems are now managed. A lot of improvements!

Boracay once again is awesome! Ahh…beautiful sand, beach and people..  I would love to go back once again and stay not only for a weekend but at least a week on the island and in the same hotel Discovery Shores. Come along with me and find out about Boracay!

Boracay is located in the Visayas region, one of the three main islands of the country.
via air > from Manila to Caticlan or via Kalibo 50 min flying time. Kalibo has another land trip to Caticlan (90 min). Boat from the mainland to the island is another 30 min.
via sea > this is the “budget” way and travel time will take about 12 hrs via Roll on Roll off (RO-RO), a government run fleet. From Caticlan, there is an additional travel time of 90 min. This is good for first timers in the Visayan region to have a glimpse of various points of interests on your way to the island. One could also bring their own vehicle so you could drive your way to Caticlan. The road will take you to the destination, nice and easy.
summer time > to enjoy the sun and water activities, go there from March up to mid May when the tides and transportation choices are still travel friendly. During bad weather, there is a big chance that the traveller will stay a day or two on the island.
Of course, beach clothes! But don’t forget to bring something to warm you cause it gets cool during the night.
This will be from 150USD and more depending on the number of days, season, taste of hotel or activities you intend to do on the island. Activities may be: ATV joy ride around the island, bat observatory, butterfly garden tour, hike to the highest point on the island, wall climbing, beach volleyball, frisbee, island hopping, fishing, snorkelling, diving, banana boat ride, reef walking, parasailing, skimboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing and some good nightlife h



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