What is Filipino Accent?

10 11 2010
Saturday, 14 August 2010

Earlier today, one hiker told me that he thought I was not a Filipino. I asked why? Then he uttered “You do not have the Filipino accent!”.

I whispered to myself “What is the Filipino accent?”. We both continued hiking on the same trail but I still did not find the answer to my question. I asked back the hiker, but he himself could not decipher what he said!

Drilling down the root of our history, Americans taught the Filipinos the second language. Around the archipelago, you could hear Spanish and Arabic speakers.

Filipinos by the way have 170 dialects. Maybe the hiker heard a fusion of everything? Apparently, out of the 12 major dialects, I only know one – Tagalog. It  must be a confusion not anything else then.

Whatever the hiker meant when he said the statement, at least the Filipinos could speak English better than the other nationals. h




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