Dynamite Fishing in BonPen!

8 11 2010
Sunday, 31 October 2010
Bondoc Peninsula, Quezon, Philippines

My outdoor family, Breadships and I were bouldering the hill of bondoc peninsula when we suddenly heard a blast! Upon descend we investigated, asked around and saw the proof. Small “banak”, a four-inch long fish that looks like milkfish almost fill up the whole banca. I just uttered “poor small banaks!” One local girl smilingly looked at me and said, “oo nga po!” agreeing how small the banaks were. Who am I to tell them not to do the illegal way of fishing?

Ironically, on the other side of the peninsula, one would see the traditional bamboo stick “baklad”, a trap to catch fish and some fishermen patiently using their fish rods. At least there are still few people who would want to save the environment!

While telling about this at the breakfast table, my mom reminisced how they used to go to bonpen when they were little and would catch different variety of big fishes. Her favorite catch was “gilit”, from the tuna family. She used to go with her lolos Meliton and Lorenzo Tanada (the former Senator). I wonder which generation could see the healthy aquatic bonpen environment?.h




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