Cham at 216.40 km

12 09 2010
Saturday, 11 September 2010
Batangas, Philippines

My second Cateye cyclocomputer odometer has shown that Cham, my Chamorro bike reached her 216.40km . I thought it will be an easy 30km ride for the day. But I got awed by peddling and pushing Cham up to Mt. Batulao deck view for a sunset photo op. It was a day when Cham and I both experienced the real off road biking.

Tagaytay – Rotonda

My biking buddy, Bucopie and I went to Tagaytay, down south of Luzon at 10am. After watching Salt on-board the bus, we reached the target place – Tagaytay Rotonda. We brought Cham and GT (Bucopie’s bike) to the circle for a snap.

Then while on our way to the final destination – Evercrest Golf Club Resort, we saw this Praying Hands and we both thought of a snap once again. I leaped on to the nice piece of artwork. I unconsciously started putting my hands together as if i was praying. Bucopie took a photo of me.

Mushroom Burger

We continued peddling Aguinaldo Highway and stopped for sumptuous burger with ice cold “gulaman” drink on the side. Then while I was really too comfortable sitting and enjoying the greenery around me, I hit the GI sheet-type design table. Ouch! Funny to see that the bruise had a squared red mark around it. It was a good excuse for me to stay longer though. After all, it was a hilly ride from Tagaytay-Rotonda! (haha!)

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Alfonso-Laurel Batangas

Afterwards, we headed peddling once again. We started looking for a coffee shop to have a sip of the local coffee. Unfortunately, there was none on sight.

As biking buddies we are always motivated to peddle if we take we took a photo of all the route signages! So we did – at the ark of Alfonso, Laurel and even the Welcome sign of Tagaytay from Nasugbu side.

After twenty minutes we saw this spot where one could see Taal Lake and the picturesque Batangas-Laguna ranges. We stopped and exchanges insights. Indeed it was a good spot for a 20minute-reflection.

Nasugbu Evercrest jump-off site

Before even reaching the jump-off site (Evercrest) to Mt. Batulao, we had Cornetto Ice Cream. I must admit that 5 minutes ago, I was melting. At the time, I was still adjusting to the hilly part. Changed my gears from one minute to another. But then came the scourging sun. I began to drain. I started to feel “low batt” (my natural battery was beginning to drain). Then I started to self-charge again when I saw the “carinderias” * facing Evercrest.

I had my second coffee for the day in one of the carinderias while Bucopie was having lunch. I didn’t notice that it was already 15:00. I ate 1.5 bread (hot newly baked monay and mongo bread).

Chapel on the Hill

To give way to the other mountaineers and bikers like Soc and Chris (my co-Maharlika paddlers) who started coming too to the same place where we were, my biking buddy decided to continue the afternoon adventure.

We reached Chapel on the Hill. Apparently, the guard on duty told us that we could never have Cham and GT inside the premises. So, with just trust in the Lord JC (Jesus Christ), I left Cham. We ascended the cemented stairs on foot and had a tranquil moment together.

Mt. Batulao

Then off we went to the  foot of Mt. Batulao. We enjoyed the adrenalin rush of the rugged terrain. But when I reached the 85 degrees one-foot long trail, I started to feel some muscle strain on my foreleg. It was my second “Ouch!” for the day!  All three – Bucopie, Chris and Soc were at the top looking and motivated me. I decided to carry Cham because both of us were being pushed down by the current.

After a lot more of fun struggle peddling and pushing with Cham, Bucopie and I reached the Mt. Batulao viewpoint. Seeing the sundown wrapped the whole experience with more joy and accomplishment. We both thanked Lord JC for the natural beauty that surrounded us.

I reminded Bucopie that for every assault, there is a descend. So we both agreed to go back to Evercrest at 18:00 since I find it more difficult to bike in the dark. I got all the mud I could get on our way back and I didn’t care. All I wanted was to go back to catch the bus.

Upon reaching the target jump-off site at the same carinderia, we saw Machacao, Makabayan, Jahmes and other mountaineers. Then we concluded the activity by riding back the bus bound to Manila.

Now I am excited for Cham’s next km mountain biking adventure ride… h

*local eatery/restaurant




2 responses

23 09 2010
John Marvin Cruz

Hi cousin H

I just found out about your blog. Cool bike 🙂

I never knew you mountain biked – much less climb mountains.

Post more stories of your adventures. They’e a fun read.

27 11 2010

Join me next time 🙂

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