Raising for Your Angel

8 09 2010

7 September 2010

We always find our angel specially whenever we travel.
I met Manong Lee and Manang Angel back in 2006 when my friends and I climbed up Mt. Guiting-guiting (locally known by the mountaineering community as “G2”). Both of them became our foster parents in Romblon. We pitched our tents within their backyard with no cost at all. Their family has been very hospitable, welcoming, kind and with a positive aura to all specially the mountaineers. Their home is always open for everyone.

As soon as Breadship* heard about the early “departure” of Manong Lee this year, they organized a visit last summer. This September another mobilization took place. Manang Angel was rushed to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for proper medical attention. Good enough there were other mountaineers in the medical field who also helped them cut the cost of their expenses. With sms technology, Breadship in their own little way raised few bucks for Manang Angel. Text brigade to one another took place and the money pot was immediately handed over to them today. So have you got your angel? It feels good to help.

*my outdoor family




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