My Mom as the Accidental Traveller!

23 08 2010
Sunday, 30 Nov 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I promised Bangkok tour to my mom when she turned 65. Two years later, she finally experienced her travel of a lifetime. But it was worth it, literally. I ended up giving her 1 country per 1 year delay!

Bangkok Craze

We landed Bangkok and headed off to the hotel. My mom was mesmerized how big the hotel was. She was expecting a “no star” hotel.

Out of courtesy to me she was still very glad with my gesture booking her in a hotel instead in a tent! She knows I do not have a more than 1-day budget for a 5-class hotel. Oh well, she stays with the likes of Sofitel and Manila Hotels in Manila.

So off we joined different tour packages. We went to Damnoen Saduak Canal Floating Market, Lumphini Park Snake Farm, Rose Garden, Samphran Elephant Park, The Royal Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple, Wat Arun Temple of the Dawn and a jewelry store that I could not remember. Then she had her Bangkok foot spa treat and ate various local foods. The best she enjoyed most was the Shabu-shabu meal at MBK mall.

During those fancy times, my mom thought that she was very “secured” in Thailand. Little that she knew, about the political turmoil happening. She did not see the protesters the same day we had our first city tour. I kept the anxiety a secret. I weighed my risks and financial exposures. I did not want to end up in a hospital away from home. (She is a “frequent” patient of Makati Medical for all you know).

Kuala Lumpur Exit

Finally, after completing all the tours, I then decided to buy a first class train ticket to Malaysia just to avoid the threats in Bangkok. We waited at Train Station Hua Long Pong for our 15-hour train drive. My mom enjoyed watching the high heeled attendant while serving meal. And after few more explicit avoidance of what was happening back in Bangkok, we finally arrived Kuala Lumpur via Penang! My mom knew about the political turmoil upon landing in Manila. It was the airport officer who told my mom what was still happening in Bangkok. My mom told him, “Thank God we are now in Manila! We were just there!”

The literal meaning of this “worthy” tour paved the way. My mom became a traveller for hitting two countries in less than 7 days!”h




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