Edsa’s MRT

13 07 2010

10 July 2010, Quezon City

The principle on continuous quality improvement is never stop thinking and accepting new ideas. When you do, you will never go forward. With automation, nobody cares to stop finding what else to do. System or process level up is always there. Except perhaps the MRT line in the Philippines whereby the non-single journey card holders are still obliged to use the card once. The computer was programmed long time ago and could only accept one entry and one exit in a given time. Multiple entries and exits are not possible. So if you travel with your family or friends, they will end up in the long queue and you will wait for hours until your companions have finished buying a card for each of them. What  a waste of technology!

While they are all thinking if this is a agood idea, can the MRT executives decide to install vendo machines for MRT card?




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