Yellow Cab Taxi in Manila

2 07 2010
Monday, 28 June 2010
Manila, Philippines

The Yellow administration should look into these Yellow Cab operators from the Airport. They are not very welcoming. I have doubted them since the day they have started operation. But I do not have enough evidences to back up my possible complaint.

Upon arrival Monday wee hours in the morning, I started asking the Yellow Cab driver himself  as soon as I sat at the back passenger seat.  I did not receive any substantive information from the driver himself, of course. Otherwise, no job for him the next day. I asked other cab drivers on my way to work the same day. And voila! They have confirmed that the meters of these Yellow Cabs are indeed fast. They charge twice the ordinary fare of 2.50php. For every 20 seconds, they charge 4.00php. How could they do that when in fact they already have a fixed flag down rate of 70.00php from the regular 30.00php? This is the exact example of directly stealing from your fellowmen.

Back in 2005, I reached Singapore the first time and I was very impressed by the senior citizen cab driver who handed me the exact change up to the last cent after I have given my payment!

When will we ever learn how to give honest service to the people like the Singaporeans?




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