Stay with the Raft!

5 08 2009

May 2007: I went whitewater rafting in Trishuli Nepal. I was a little scared at first. The guide asked every one of us who had the experience in water rafting. All of them said no. Then the guide looked at me, and said, “at least we have one here”. He smiled.

Back when I was on my way to Trishuli, I was even asking myself if I should really do it. Imagine, 3-4 hours away from Kathmandu just to water raft? Whoa! I paused and the more I got excited!

My adrenalin rush slowly disappeared when the guide asked the unexpected question.

As usual, even during the raft, my eyes were all over the place. I found Trishuli in my mind with full of culture, diversity on its fauna. I was right! My whole day rafting experience was already worth it! Suddenly, I remembered paying attention to the rapids. And boom! Our rubber inflatable raft capsized! In a split second, our raft flipped over my right side. And guess who was caught under the raft? The one who have had rafting experience! It pays to stay with the raft all the time.




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23 08 2009
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