Thoughts of Being a Flight Attendant

17 04 2009

Zurich, Switzerland

I dreamt about being a flight attendant. I wanted to travel around the world and see the places I only know on the map and the 5 inch-volumes of encyclopedia. I wanted to meet people and learn their cultures. The best and easy way for me to do all those things is to become a flight attendant, so I thought.

Have I reached my goal? Naaah… I will never will. If I will land a job in an airline, for sure I will only be a ground staff. Nothing more, nothing less.. I perfectly understood why it is so. Not all people can have what they wanted to have. I am short of attributes. I never have the number one criteria for being a flight attendant. How can I reach the top bin without stepping on the seat of the business class Boeing 747-400 just to help a passenger who I literally look up whenever there is conversation?

I may have the education of being a flight attendant, the smiles, the correct customer service and the right communication skill that goes with it, but I will never will. I have already accepted the fact.

Then after years of no regrets, I realized that I have been traveling after all. In fact, the career of being a flight attendant that I was dreaming of is now part of my archive. I feel better being served by jolly flight attendants and their wits in injecting some funny words whenever they say thank you to the passengers before landing. The crew of Airbus Industrie A319 flight LX 2815 1855 really changed the European air flights. The “charming crew” and “have a romantic stay in Zurich” made my flight more relaxing and not monotonous as it was for the past years. Normally, they have a standard lines that they say over the airwaves that makes the passengers do not listen anymore.. hF1




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