9 hour Off-road to Tagaytay*

7 06 2008

21:00 I called my friend Bucopie Friday night and asked him if he wanted to take a challenge to go to Tagaytay on bike.

07:00 The following day, I started peddling my bike Fort to Buendia. Bucopie was already 30 minutes early. We then proceeded to Tagaytay passing through Zapote. Then, while we were having breakfast in Tropical Hut, he called up another friend, Mark who knows the off-road to Tagaytay.

So, Bucopie and I went to the house of Mark in one of the concrete villages in Cavite and had a cup of water to freshen up and ease the Rest stopthirst. After few minutes, Mark joined us and led us to an off-road that passes through a pineapple plantation. This was the same area where I had a very nice time resting under the tree while the two of them on the other hand, were busy fixing one of their tires.

Then we river crossed through the less than 10 inches high water level. Upon reaching the fork area, I realized that the right side will allow the three of us to continue peddling all over up to the next village. I chose the one on the left side for a more demanding route where all of us carried our own bikes. I forgot that Fort is frame-wise challenged. So I started walking my bicycle up the steeper hill thinking I will reach the top without asking for help. But, no chance, Fort was getting heavier upon reaching the 80 degree curve. Good there was rescue. The two of them pulled Fort up. And I was relieved!

13:00 We passed by another concrete road and peddled to various screaming downhills and gruelling uphill trails in the communities and towns. I saw kids who kept on saying “Good morning!” to us. I doubted the time since the sun was really up. I sneaked onto my arm sleeves while peddling to see the time. Confirmed, it wasn’t morning anymore. Instead, it was 13:00ish! While peddling, I kept on asking myself how come the kids from one vilTagaytaylage to another would greet the bikers otherwise. Then, it dawned at me that most of the bikers do pass by in the morning. The three of us probably were the handful who bikes in the afternoon! Harhar!

We went to Brown Haws, a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. Then, we went to Aling Pina Eatery in Barangay Paligwan Silang Cavite for merienda. I met the owner Aling Pina, a modest CEO who never fails to forget the bikers who helped her start the carinderia business. Hence, she dedicated a “wall album” for all bikers who wanted to tuck their photos on the wall. Because of her bubbly attitude, I casually told Aling Pina that it will be a privilege if she will go biking with me along with the other female elders in the carinderia at the time. Of course expectedly, all of them had a little laugh and told me that I was a funny dreamer. All of them could no longer go biking. Instead, they offered me to come back and have a little bonding time with them on my next visit.

We then continued our journey in order to complete the challenge for the day. We peddled once again. I changed gears from 1 to 7 from time to time while passing by greenhouses of roses and other flowering plants. There were even times I stood up on the pedal just to feel the whole biking experience while downhilling.Then finally after 9 hours of biking, we reached the objective. I made it to Tagaytay and had a reading of 101 km/h upon reaching back home.

The following day, Fort got a new pedal.

26 Apr 2008, photos using Sony Ericsson 2 megapixel

*Tagaytay city is approximately 56 kilometers south of Manila in Calabarzon (Region IV-A). Buendia on the other hand is the old name of Sen. Gil Puyat (a former senator) avenue. hB1




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29 06 2008

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